There are a ton of ways to get your web page(s) created. Doing it yourself is the best way to go, as it doesn't cost you anything past web hosting and domain name costs. There are also tons of companies and small business that will custom build your web page(s) for a fee. Those options can get fairly expensive, though likely worth the money in the long run.

King Hendo Tools has another alternative for those that need to keep their costs to a minimum. If you're looking for a simple, yet stylish web page to get your web presence started, we have a few web templates that can fill your needs. For a nominal fee, we'll take your logo and color choices, and apply them to one of our templates to get you up and running. These templates are easy to use and fully customizable to accommodate changes, and most importantly....growth!

We like to keep things simple. Simple means low profile and easily managed. Because it is all HTML and CSS code, once you get started and can spend more time on your own page, or if you decide to hire a full time webmaster or company to maintain your site, our styles will be easy to edit/change for a more complex web presence. Our goal, is to get you started with a web presence for under $100.00.

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